This Little Legume Can Give You a Natural Facelift

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This Little Legume Can Give You a Natural Facelift

Whether you like putting them into salads, adding them to soups, or embedding them in your mashed potatoes, green peas are the most natural anti-aging solution out there and not to forget a great option for a natural facelift. Those little rounded legumes are full of organic nutrients that aid in lifting and tightening skin.

A deficiency of skin elasticity and firmness are symptoms of aging. Extracts from peas can combat enzymes that destroy elastin and collagen. Consumption of green peas can also protect elastin and collagen from chemical, UV and immunological dangers.

More Peas, Please

Peas have an abundance of skin-friendly ingredients, namely vitamin C, vitamin B6, and folate (folic acid), which can counteract inflammation. They can also stop radical deterioration that exhausts elastin and collagen, which the body needs to maintain your skin’s tone and firmness. 

The antioxidants found in peas, such as catechin, flavonoids, carotenoid, epicatechin, and alpha carotene, among others, help slow down the skin’s aging process, giving the skin a natural glow.

Anti-inflammatory features of peas, combined with the benefits of antioxidants, help to prevent osteoporosis and wrinkles. 

Delightful Ways to Eat Peas

Incorporate green peas into your diet using these creative approaches. Mix them into your salad. Peas will always be found in every salad bar you come across. Whether you’re eating out or cooking at home, toss in a half cup of peas into your salad.

Enhance your main course.Whether you're eating pasta or a tuna casserole, peas add flavor to any meal you eat.  

Add some zest to your grains. Quinoa or couscous - either one will do! Add some peas onto your plate with a pinch of cracked black pepper to create a healthy and delicious meal.

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agosto 25, 2020


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