Sensitive Skin Dilemma Moisturize Without Clogging Pores

Sensitive Skin Dilemma Moisturize Without Clogging Pores

In adulthood, acne can return like a ghost from teen years past. If you have sensitive skin that is oily and acne prone finding the right moisturizer with anti-aging benefits that won’t clog your pores can be difficult.

In the summer, hot sun and dry indoor air can leave skin parched. In the winter, cold air outside, and hot forced air inside makes dry skin a year-round problem in some climates. Even if you live somewhere warm and humid most of the time, you need a good moisturizer that won’t clog your pores and make breakouts worse.

Acne and Aging

If your dilemma is oily skin needs that needs a moisturizer, but you are a couple of decades past puberty and also need an anti-aging product to ward off wrinkles and lines around the eyes and mouth, Bonapiel to the rescue.

Bonapiel’s Anti-aging Moisturizer

Bonapiel’s Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Matrixylis a skin rejuvenating cream that is lightweight and easily absorbed. It will not to leave behind an oily residue that incites breakouts, but will give your skin a new elasticity and youthful glow.

Matrixyl 3000

Matrixyl 3000 is blended into the cream to enhance the production of proteins like collagen and elastin that make up the support matrix beneath the skin to keep it smooth and firm.  As we age production of collagen and elastin begins to slow down leading to loose skin that wrinkles easily and looks dull when dry.

The rich moisturizers and vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant) also in Anti-aging Moisturizer with Matrixyl provide just the right blend of ingredients adult skin needs but won’t worsen acne to a more restore a youthful glow (not an oily shine).

Used daily Bonapiel Anti-aging Moisturizerwill continue to help your skin keep its firm texture and hydrate it thoroughly without worsening oily build up to leave your complexion rejuvenated and radiant.

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