Do Your Eyes Get Puffy In The Morning?

Do Your Eyes Get Puffy In The Morning?

Nothing says old and tired like puffy eyes first thing in the morning. Even after a good night’s sleep you can find yourself with swelling beneath your eyes that no amount of make-up can disguise.

If you wake up with puffy eyes first thing in the morning it can be due to a number of things.

Diet Disaster

Eating a lot of salty food or drinking alcohol the night before can cause your eyes to look like they are going on vacation with all the baggage. Salt causes the body to retain water. Alcohol is very dehydrating and makes the skin beneath your eyes thinner and fluid there much more noticeable.

The Fix

Eat the saltiest meals early in the day and drink plenty of water afterwards to flush it out of your system. The same goes for alcohol. Have your adult beverage with dinner and chase it with a glass of water (or two!).

Sleep Disorder

The way you sleep can affect under eye bags, too. If you are a stomach sleeper fluid will collect in your facial tissues and the thin delicate skin of the eye will show it. Even just lying on your side or flat on your back interferes with drainage of bodily fluids.

Pillow Power

Placing a couple of pillows under your head so that it is slight higher than your heart will help. This will allow fluid to drain away from your face more easily instead of collect in the delicate tissues around your eyes.

Bonapiel Vitamin C Eye Cream

If you still have some under eye puffiness or occasionally want to indulge in beer and pizza at midnight Bonapiel Vitamin C Eye Gel can work miracles.

Vitamin C is your skin’s best friend. It is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that helps keep fluid build up and dark circles from forming. It also stimulates collagen production, the vital protein bands beneath our skin that keep it smooth and firm instead of thin and saggy ready to be filled up with fluids.

Soothing cucumber and aloe vera are also blended into Bonapiel’s Vitamin C Eye Cream to reduce swelling and help skin look tighter and firmer for a more rested, youthful appearance. Dab it gently around your eyes before you go to bed and first thing in the morning to banish eye bloat, wrinkles and even dark circles.

If you have any tried and true tips for sending those bags packing, share them below :)

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