3 Ways You Can Look & Feel Younger

3 Ways You Can Look & Feel Younger

If you are concerned about the future of your skin in your later years, the best time to start taking action is now.

Aging of the skin starts the moment after you are born, so the sooner you start making it a priority, the better your skin will look as time passes. Despite what seems like a sudden aging of the skin to most people, it is a process that has developed over a long period of time.

There are many simple changes you can make that help you slow or reverse the aging process. We’re going to go over 3 habits that allow you to take back control:

1- Choose Makeup That Flatters, Not Ages You

Makeup isn’t all an illusion. Sometimes, what’s in the makeup, or which makeup you choose, can help you look younger or older. As you age, your cosmetics needs change.

You want to choose a foundation that includes sunscreen and a good moisturizer. You won’t be wearing heavy powder-based foundation that you wore to cover blemishes as a teen or young woman. Those will flood into your fine lines and make you look older than you really are as you age.

Use your blush in a way that makes you look like you have full cheeks. As a younger woman, you probably swept your blush along your cheekbones, but now that would make you look gaunt & aged.

If your hair is thinning, then you may need to choose a mascara or brow pencil that really enables you to increase the appearance of volume.

Stay away from harsh colors as you get older. You don’t want bright blue eye-shadow, red blush and red lipstick. You want softer, natural colors that blend in well.

2- Hydrate Your Skin Inside and Out

Hydration does so many things for your body in terms of reducing the signs of aging. Not only does it plump up your skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but it also helps at a cellular level.

You should be drinking water every day. If you don’t already drink eight, 8-ounce glasses of water each day, start by doing that. If you need to lose weight, make it ice water to help with your metabolism.

Typically, you should be using water, too. Not only you should be moisturizing to trap water into your skin and prevent it from escaping, but you also need to frequently wash the pollutants from your hair and skin.

3- Get Facial Treatments Before Surgery

Some men and women see themselves aging – especially in their faces – and schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon right away. But that’s not necessary!

There’s not even any need for expensive Botox right at first. You can reverse signs of aging with some less invasive, less costly facial applications you can have done at your local spa or having a solid skin care regime.

Growing old is inevitable but looking and feeling old is all under your control. 

You have to make a decision, to be a passenger without control or steer your future aging process the way is right for you. 

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