3 breakfast meals for healthier looking skin

3 breakfast meals for healthier looking skin

Reduce wrinkles and look younger with your morning meal.

What you eat contributes to the way your skin looks.  Some foods—depending on their vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content—can actually help promote healthy skin.  We scoured the web for meals that contain properties known to protect or repair skin. 

Even though studies suggest some foods may protect our skin or repair damage, they're not a substitute for preventative measures like sunscreen.  Try Bonapiel's Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 50 for the needed extra protection.

1- Quinoa Breakfast Cereal with Berries and Almonds

Have you included quinoa in your diet yet? It’s great for an extra dose of protein. It’s known as a great source of selenium, which helps increase skin elasticity. Almonds can benefit the complexion as they contains a good amount of vitamin E (which prevents the damage caused by the sun's rays). Find it here.

2- Healthy Vegan Oatcakes (Flour-less & sugar free)

Oatmeal is one of the most affordable and versatile food you can find at the supermarket.  They're great for your heart and are full of vitamins that support healthy hair, skin and nails.  Featuring anti-oxidant-packed chocolate and almonds try these no-added- sugar treat for and oat-standing quick breakfast (or dessert!).  Get the details.

3- Glowing Skin Smoothie

Improve your skin tone with this energy boosting and delicious smoothie. Spinach, coconut water, avocados and pineapple are the star ingredients. Luckily the savory fruits help you skip the added sugar for a healthier you. If you do not like any of the fruits listed, try replacing them with strawberries or any other one you enjoy. Access the full recipe, here.

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