Where And How To Apply Eye Cream

Where And How To Apply Eye Cream

Should you use products specially formulated for around the eyes and where do you apply them exactly? Good questions that you need the answers to, for sure.

The skin around your eyes is much different from the skin on the rest of your face and body. It is thinner, more vulnerable to the ravages of time and needs more specialized care.

Find a product that is specially formulated for use around the eyes. If you left puberty behind a few decades ago, you will also want one that helps turn back, or keeps at bay, the signs of aging.

When applying eye cream use the orbital bone as your guide. This is the eye socket in your skull. Gently press on the skin beneath your eyes until you find the top of the cheekbone and follow it around your eye socket. This is where eye cream should be applied.

Your eyes are delicate so use a light touch when applying anything around them. You want to avoid putting any eye gel or cream to near your lash line because it can get caught in your eyelashes and end up in your eye! Ouch!

You don’t rub in eye creams or gels. You gently pat them into place with your ring finger. It is your weakest digit and less likely to press too hard. With a very light touch apply eye products from outward to in going against the smile lines (those that form when you have a big ol’ grin on your face).

Apply a product like Bonapiel’s Vitamin C Eye Gel gently around the skin of the eye. It absorbs quickly so there is no oily residue left behind that can get smeared into your eyes.

Vitamin C Eye Gel has a blend of soothing botanicals like aloe vera, cucumber and green tea extract that helps keep the skin around your eyes hydrated to smooth out those laugh lines. The vitamin C Bonapiel formulates into their eye gel supports collagen production beneath the skin. This strengthens the support matrix there to combat loose, crepey-looking skin that shows your age.

Your eyes need a light touch and products formulated for them. Using the orbital bone around them as an application guide helps you get the product where it is needed to help preserve a youthful look for longer.

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