Easy Eyebrow Trick To Look Younger

Easy Eyebrow Trick To Look Younger

Your age shows around your eyes first. The delicate skin there wrinkles more easily, bags and dark circles can begin to form beneath them and eyebrows often start to sag.  Is this what you see in the mirror?

As “women of a certain age” our eyebrows start to lose shape and definition due to loose skin, over-tweezing when we were younger and just being subjected to the ravages of time.  You might think taking an eyebrow pencil and filling in your brows following their natural shape will help, but this will actually just accentuate your age, not improve your appearance.

What we suggest sounds a little dramatic but keep reading.  Instead of trying to fill in what you have, get rid of the outer half of your eyebrows. Yes! I know you have been trying to hold on to them, but tweezing them away and creating a new outer half with a higher arch will take years (Yes! Years!) off  your face.

Why highlight drooping eyebrows?  Creating a new brow line with a high arch instantly gives your face a lift, but without expensive surgery.  Yes, you have to commit to using an eye brown pencil everyday and invest in a good brow brush. Just like brushing your teeth, make it part of your daily beauty routine and see a world of difference in your appearance.

By investing some time and effort in making your eyes look younger, you will brighten your entire face.  Creating a strong, nicely arched brow will accentuate your face. Take the next step and treat the fine line and wrinkles that can creep in around your eyes with time and send those bags underneath them packing! A cream or gel with a highly concentration blend of vitamin C, and other soothing botanicals like in Bonapiel’s Vitamin C Eye Gel can help.

Fortified with the powerful antioxidant vitamin C, this eye gel will plump up loose skin and smooth out wrinkles. The cucumber and aloe in the formula helps shrink eye bags and lessen the look of dark circles. Green tea extract helps the vitamin C neutralize skin-damaging free radicals that are produced by sun and other environmental exposure.

Dabbing a little Bonapiel Vitamin C Eye Gel around your eyes each day and drawing in a well defined, arched eyebrows will instantly turn back the clock and give you a new younger looking reflection in the mirror.

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